Don’t just practice your piece. Bootcamp it.

Complete the quests.
Master the piece.

Just as you would in a computer game. Work your way through the hundreds of practice quests in every score, earn your Level-ups…you’ll know the piece inside and out.

Creative, engaging
practice challenges

Bootcamp Editions’ quests are designed to power entire practice campaigns, from never-seen-the-piece-before to concert-ready. No two practice sessions will be the same.

Tackle quests
in any order

Practicing is more fun when you’re trusted with the steering wheel. Bootcamp Editions will recommend suitable quests, but students are always free to choose what’s next.


Random starting points, memorization drills, separate hand challenges…compared to what Bootcamp demands, the concert should be easy.


There’s always just one more challenge to complete, one more Level within reach…Bootcamp practice is easy to start, hard to stop.

Designed by
Philip Johnston

Author of many of music teaching’s best known texts, including Practiceopedia, Scales Bootcamp, The Practice Revolution & The Dynamic Studio.

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    Inside the Bootcamp Recording Studio

    Subscribe to Philip’s YouTube Channel for more. All Bootcamp pieces are recorded in a studio that was custom built for this project.

    Give your studio the Bootcamp edge

    Perfect for
    practice contests

    Using Bootcamp? Launch a contest.  Most quests completed. First to complete 100 quests. Highest level attained. Largest level jump in one month. Announce your prizes, let the quest hunt begin.

    Perfect for
    setting homework

    Just use a highlighter to mark the quests you need. Or set the number of quests needed, but leave which ones up to them. Either way, it’s fast—Bootcamp does all the explaining of what each quest requires.

    Perfect for
    reviewing practice

    Which quests did your students complete? Or avoid? The Bootcamp Series reveals how your students prepare, so you can build on strengths, and plug gaps.

    Perfect for
    tracking progress

    What Level is their piece this week?
    How does that compare with last week?
    Makes it much easier for teachers, parents and students to see what a difference practice is making.